Luigi Benzoni

Luigi Benzoni is a Venetian artist. He was born in the Province of Bergamo in 1956. He moved to Venice at a very young age. By 1976 he was able to start his business in Venice. He had studied architecture and specialized in the history of art. This inspired him to experiment with various media of art.

He started the exhibition of his work in Venice and abroad in the first half of the 70s. He had started his career as an artist who used oil paint as his medium. Later he started experimenting with glass, porcelain and even bronze. Most importantly he was able to combine his painting skills and sculpting skills to produce incredibly novel structures.

He seems to have an obsession with human faces. This he had reproduced in porcelain dishes, glass blocks and bronze. The main distinguishing feature of a Benzoni art face is that it used only the essential lines to present a human face with its unique expressions. Even if the simple lines barely outlined the features, it clearly impressed the viewers with the contours and shapes. The glass sculptures with just the outline of the face, eyebrows, nose and lips still made an enigmatic face.
When the face was reproduced inside glass blocks, the immersed gold leaf and a few essential lines clearly depicted the thoughtful expression on the face. This technique of extracting only the essence in a picture made Luigi Benzoni a unique artist. His art hung somewhere between the abstract and the concrete and that is the very specialty of Luigi Benzoni creations.